Can Jess still wear Doc Martens?

With fashion–I always broke with the masses.

In fact–in the 90s–I only wore outfits like this:



(I did have an active fantasy life that included sequins and fancy gloves–totally counts!*)

But yeah–Jess is right–I generally believe if you wore something when it was on trend the first time around–you should avoid it on the second pass. But I am willing to make some exceptions. Ask yourself these questions:

1) Is it classic? Pearls? Obviously. Teased bangs? Sorry.

That’s me on the left.

2)  Is it a category of clothing–not really a trend? For example:

Trench coat? Yes. This trench coat? No.

So your hoodies, Jess? Totally ok (also because I love hoodies).

3) Was it terrible? Like this:

I have 10 pictures of me in the 90s and I’m wearing a mock turtleneck in 6 of them. Ugh.

Not sure if it’s terrible? Find a trusted friend–and ask! Or send it to us and we’ll tell you.  (Please ask us!!!!!)

4) Is it your signature? I started wearing red lipstick in the 90s. I will always wear red lipstick (I’m super crazy about this one right now. And this is a cheaper–but still awesome–option! And hello?! GWEN!!!)

So in that case–always a yes.

5) Do you love it? Birkenstocks? Yes. If you love them, pamela. Doc Martens? If you must, Jess–then yes.

And for me–that means this sweater. Which I had in the 90s. And still have today.

We were cute. You must believe me.

Do I still wear it? Yes. Should I? Who cares? Do I wear it with these jeans? And do I always wear a better bra? Absolutely.

So let these questions be your guide. Because friends don’t let friends relive bad fashion.

*And Mike and I were fly. Serious.

13 thoughts on “Can Jess still wear Doc Martens?

  1. Oh dear god, yes! So many thoughts to contribute; so much empathy! Love it! And FYI: in your mock turtleneck photo, I totally had/loved/over-wore that striped vest at left. And also, quit trying to make Christy and red lipstick happen …

  2. Lyn, do you remember how I borrowed those stilettos for the Senior awards ceremony and I had to walk up front for something and I almost killed myself?!? I still can’t walk in anything higher than a 1/4 inch :-p

    • hahaha! totally remember! conversely–i’d wear heels every day if it was slight more convenient and appropriate! (hmm…i think i still have those shoes in my closet in phillips–must research at christmas…)

  3. Oh, Lyn, I never had birkenstocks. Never ever. I do not love them. But they sure do look comfortable….. I’m willing to give them a shot. 🙂 I did however buy a new pair of Dr. Martens last fall and I love them just as much as I did in the 80/90s.

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