Favorite Songs of 2014: On The Regular, Shamir and Somebody Else, Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Emeli Sande’

These two songs represent the newest and oldest songs to make the list.

The newest is Shamir’s On the Regular–and after one listen–you’ll know why it was immediate included. Stupid catchy, with swag to spare, this song makes you feel cooler for knowing it. 20-year old Shamir Bailey hasn’t put out a full length CD, but hopefully there’s one on the way.

Technically–Somebody Else from Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Emeli Sande’–shouldn’t be eligible for the list since Black Radio 2 came out on October 29, 2013, three days before my November 1st deadline. But this track is so great, I broke my own rules to include it. You’re welcome. And check out the entire album. It’s incredible.


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