Favorite songs of 2014: Breakdown, Prince and Rainbow, Robert Plant

For #TBT–here are two artists that still got it decades past their “prime”–and are kicking out incredible tracks.

I’m a huge Prince fan, so of course Prince is on the list. This track is classic Prince to me, right down the “breakdown” reminiscent of one of my all-time favorite Prince tracks, The Beautiful Ones. Having new Prince songs in 2014 makes me endlessly happy.

While Prince is an old favorite, Led Zeppelin represents one of the bands that live in my music black holes. I really can’t tell you the difference between a Who song or a Pink Floyd song or a Led Zeppelin song. But if this track is any indication of the Robert Plant sound–I must be a LZ fan and just don’t know it yet–because this song knocks me out.

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