Favorite Songs of 2014: Tied Up, Tied Down, Teen and Cut Your Teeth, Kyla La Grange

I love it when friends recommend tracks–and both of these numbers were brought to me by trusted music sources–my friend, Troy and my sister, Holly.

The first song was a gift from Holly, although she has no recollection of sharing it. *sigh*

I knew nothing about Teen when I first heard this song. Searching for information on them (and the song) proved to be a NSFW experience. But I have since learned that this all-girl band is made up of sisters, Teeny, Katherine and Lizzie Lieberson and Boshra AlSaadi. I’m crazy for sister bands! I was surprised to learn they are signed on Carpark Records–along with my favorites, Beach House and this year’s list maker, Cloud Nothings–because I still haven’t heard much about them and they are so great! Here’s to a big 2015 for Teen!

The next song was sent to me from my friend, Troy. Troy convinced me to switch to the Rdio streaming service because it was a better interface and easier to share music with friends than Spotify or other services. (I need to do a post about the streaming services someday–but spoiler alert–Rdio is fantastic!) Troy has been my go-to for Euro-pop for years and he uncovers lots of cool tracks I would’ve otherwise missed. Including this one. I feel like, of the songs on my 2014 list, this one has the most potential of hitting it big in 2015. So enjoy it now while it’s yours.


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