We Cool, 2012.

Here we are at the threshold of a new year. It would be easy to look back at 2012 in a negative light and demand 2013 be better, but hey, 2012 was pretty ok actually. Here are some things that happened that made it awesome:

Traveling… With Friends!!

2012 travelSource: jess

I don’t know how I managed to pull this off, but this year my husband and I went to Mexico with Pamela and her fiance, there was a girls’ weekend in New York with Lyn and Pamela, and MB and I beached again in California to see friends get married. This has now set the bar for me to want to live day to day with less (read: consider eating rice and beans every day?) in order to just go places with the people I love, even if Pamela always wakes up really really early. I wish I was one of those people who was really savvy with credit card miles and working the system- anyone want to be my unpaid travel agent? I will totally buy you souvenir shot glasses.


The Ecce Homo “Restoration”

Ecce Homo by Elias Garcia Martinez showing damageSource: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/aug/24/spain-europe-news


Oh man, I still can’t believe this happened. I think it’s extra funny because it’s totally something I would do- get in over my head agreeing to a project, then just rolling with it.



No Doubt: Push and Shove

no doubtSource: http://www.nodoubt.com/bio/default.aspx

I didn’t realize how much I needed music that didn’t have a Nicki Minaj verse until this came out, and it quickly ended up stuck on repeat on my iPod. When I found out a longtime friend was in the hospital with cancer, the lyric “I’m a rough and tough, and nothing’s gonna knock this girl down… but you can see it in my eyes, you can read it on my lips, I’m trying to get a hold on this” became my tether. (She’s ok, because she IS a rough and tough!)

And can we talk about how amazing Gwen Stefani is for a minute?? I hope 43 is as kind to me. *does set of crunches*


A Dude Decided to Jump to Earth FROM SPACE

felix-baumgartner-stratosSource: http://images.nationalgeographic.com/wpf/media-live/photos/000/258/cache/felix-baumgartner-stratos_25874_600x450.jpg

OK, so Felix Baumgartner likes to jump off of things. And then one day he’s all “hey, I think I should jump from THE EDGE OF SPACE BACK TO THE PLANET”. And Red Bull was all “cool, let’s do that”. So dude takes a precarious balloon ride up to the stratosphere, and even though his mask is fogging up, jumps. He breaks the sound barrier, but doesn’t fall apart into a million pieces (HOW?!!?!), and then lands on his feet. After an incredible Olympic season, this was the icing on the cake of how amazing the human body and spirit can be. (But really, that shit cray.)



locosSource: https://www.tacobell.com/static_files/TacoBell/StaticAssets/images/DLT/DLT_pdp_product_01.png
Why didn’t this happen sooner?? I know what you’re thinking: “gross, who eats at taco bell? That looks nasty”. Well, YOU’RE WRONG. Taco Bell is delicious and Doritos Locos is the best thing you could ever spend $1.09 on.



The Creation of 7ThirtyOne

Some day, we will finish our “about us” page. That day is not today, but 7ThirtyOne is made up of some truly wonderful women that I am so so grateful to have in my life. We’re still just figuring this out, so I have a feeling we’re totally going to blow up the interwebs in 2013.

And Finally…..

In the year of the earworms “Call Me Maybe” and “Gangnam Style”, Mackelmore snuck (sneaked?) in and released the greatest anti-ballin’-rap song in the history of the universe. Happy New Year, everyone- here’s to a great 2013!!!





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