Starting a 21 Day Cleanse

This will be the fourth year I’ve started the new year with the 21 Day Quantum Wellness Cleanse. The cleanse boils down to five basic principles:

1) No sugar

2) No alcohol

3) No caffeine

4) Vegan

5) Gluten-free

Now–before you say “NO WAY!!!” check this:

1) Everyone will be on a diet–and while this is not one–it won’t be weird for you to have more limited food options.

2) No one will be going out to eat. Everyone is too poor, have been overeating for two months–and let’s face it–it’s too cold to go outside! Social awkwardness won’t be an issue.

3) The new year is always a time for reflection. Why not reflect on the food you eat? Does it make you feel good? Do you know where it comes from? Why are you eating a Snickers bar for breakfast? (Okay–that one’s probably just for me.)

4) 731 will support you! A bunch of us are going to do it and it’s WAAAY easier to do it with friends and family.

5) We need your support! Some of us don’t cook *cough, me, cough* so we need recipes, ideas, and just an overall insurgence of energy to replace the missing caffeine and sugar.

Intrigued? Kathy Freston’s cleanse has been around for a few years (yes, Oprah did it.) And there’s a book to guide you through it. I do recommend reading the book. It’s a nice resource and gives you some understanding of why you’re doing things and why you are feeling a certain way. You can also find testimonials from others who have done it.

So–who’s in?


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