Coming Clean – Product Review

I don’t often go out of my way to sing the praises of any product. If you ask me what I use or what I like and don’t like, I’ll tell you, but that’s about it. But I felt inspired to write about The Soap Opera’s Organic Spa Facial Wash with Shea Butter and Apple because it is the perfect product for someone as lazy as me. They say to never go to bed with your make up, but whoever made up that rule doesn’t know how difficult it can be to remove all the mortar and paint we put on our faces.

Naturally, if I’m going out I’m going to wear more make up to look more glamorous. Those are the very nights you get home late and have no interest in going through some 5-step beauty regimen no matter how many beauty magazines and cosmetics counter clerks tell you to. My go-to for many years has been Pond’s Cold Cream, which I still love by the way. What I love about cold cream is that you use one product for your face and eye make-up. One product with two steps: put it on and take it back off. Brilliant. But cold cream can also leave my face feeling pretty greasy. And if I need to use another product to clean off the cold cream….well that’s just too many steps for a lazy, exhausted or drunk at 3 a.m. person such as myself.

But then I recently stumbled across this gem at The Soap Opera.

2013-01-10 23.11.07

Best lazy person cleanser ever

So here’s my face with a day and evening’s worth of make-up on it.

That's a lot of paint.Source: haks

That’s a lot of paint.

That’s beauty balm (Napoleon Pardis, not available to the public yet, sorry!), Stay Matte pressed powder, Volume Accelerator Mascara, Exaggerate Auto Waterproof Eye Definer (that’s eyeliner yo!) all by Rimmel, Cheekers blush by Cover Girl, Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer by Two Faced, Almost Lipstick by Clinique, and some cheap green eyeshadow I scored for 99 cents at Walgreens. That’s a lot of paint.

I wore it all day and then I even touched it up a little more for this cleanser experiment. I’d had good results with the cleanser when just wearing a little make-up at the end of a long day. Could it get this multi-layer cosmetic mask off as well as I thought it would?

I washed my face and rubbed it over my eyes!Source: haks

I washed my face and rubbed it over my eyes!

This cleanser is strong enough to take off all the make-up, but gentle enough to use on my eyes. It took off my mascara, waterproof eyeliner, and eyeshadow over eye primer. Wow. Here’s the moment of truth:

Wiping my eyes with a clean wash cloth.Source: haks

Wiping my eyes with a clean wash cloth.

I wiped my eyes with a clean was cloth. Would there be any mascara residue?

CLEAN!Source: haks


Nope. No make-up residue here. The cleanser had removed even the multiple coats of black tar I put on my eyelashes. And all I had to do was lather it on my face and rinse it back off. My face didn’t feel all tight like it would if I’d used regular soap either.

So that’s my hidden gem of a product. What products do you use that the rest of us maybe never heard of?



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