FOUND: the Secret-Yoga Career Pant

YOU GUYS. I have long held a dislike for career-wear. I like how I look in it, sure, but it makes me feel so very sad. I can’t move how I want to, I’m thinking too hard about my clothes, they have to be, you know, IRONED. Uuugh! I hate it. I really just want to wear yoga pants all the time, and sometimes I sneak them into the office, but I know I’m not fooling anyone.

The other day I fell into Old Navy out of boredom- I had no real shopping goals but I do like their V-necks. And then, because an evil genius marketing person put them in the exact right spot, I saw these:

rockstar demi

The Old Navy Rockstar Demi-Boot Jeans (in Black)

I’ve owned Rockstar jeans in the past, with mixed feelings- all the way from “Yay!” to “these are 4 sizes up from what I should be wearing and they still don’t fit!”. I own two pair of the Rockstar regular flare jeans- the “regular” length is fine with Vans but too short to wear with my Danskos; I found a pair of talls on clearance once, and they are ridiculously long and flared and make me look like a weird hippie. Good enough for “jeans days” at the office, but I’m definitely not winning any fashion prizes. For the new Demi-boot, Old Navy’s description reads “Half boot, half skinny, all cute. With added length to wear with heels.”

!!!!!! Ok, first off, they are in no way jeans. They have a few jean-esque details like rivets (black) and pockets, but that’s it. The fabric is absolutely not denim- more of a cotton twill? And it’s SUPER MEGA STRETCHY. Seriously, I was just lunging around in them and they just go with the flow. They are, indeed, long enough to make me look like a normal person in my Danskos, with just enough flare to say “why yes, these are smart pants, for smart ladies”. Also, the rise is not too tall but also not too short- I am totally sitting down and didn’t have to make any preparatory adjustments. BOOM.

The online reviews say they fade like a mothertrucker when you wash them, but maybe they’re just bad at laundry…? If they don’t fade too much I might have to stock up. Old Navy, please also release these in a normal, classic, slightly faded denim wash. DO IT.

These are totally career pants with all of the comfort of yoga pants. They look good and do not make me feel sad. I may or may not have worn them every day this week.



ps- this is not a sponsored post, but if Old Navy wants to send me a few pairs, that’d be a’ight.

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