This one is for the dudes.

Not that long ago, running errands at the mall with my fiance, I decided I needed to stop in Sephora really quick.  First, you should know I always need to stop in Sephora if we are at the mall.  Second, that “really quick” part is a total lie.  Knowing this, my man followed me in willingly (like he always does) but little did he know, today would be different.  Today instead of blindly following me around while interneting on his phone and muttering things to me such as “yeah, that color is nice…. ” he would discover MENS PRODUCTS!  Specifically the Jack Black Beard Lube.  A discovery made not out of interest in the actual product, but out of the very boy-like childish humor found in the name….. beard LUBE.  I know….  *sigh*   After he was through taking a picture of it and sending it to a friend and heh heh-ing about it like Beavis and Butthead, he actually became genuinely interested (I should note that he does shave with a blade and struggles with ingrown hairs and an overall irritation from shaving, and is always searching for the perfect shaving product).  Then came another discovery….. if you ask, they will give you a free SAMPLE!  So he brought some home, proceeded to try it AND love it!   And I bought him some for Valentine’s day (I am so thoughtful).  Which brings us to today and the writing of this post, requested by him, because he thinks it’s pretty great and…. “You should blog about this so all of your girlfriends go buy this for the men in their lives”    The End.

In search of the perfect tee shirt.

We’re all looking, right?  Is it too much to ask for a basic, soft 100% cotton tee shirt that has a flattering cut and is made of quality fabric – but won’t cost me $80 dollars?  You know, one that washes up nice and the seams lay nice and flat and don’t get all puckered up?  That doesn’t get all weird and pilled and faded?  Well my friends, allow me to introduce you to Everlane.  A members only site (you register an account to shop) that delivers designer quality at a reasonable price.  They bypass the usual mark up process by offering their items, which they design themselves (no outsourcing), from their website only (no retail stores, no retail partners).  You guys, these tee shirts are $15!!  And they are great…..  I have a tee shirt addiction, so you should believe me when I say this.  I own two and am already set to order more.  They have other nice basic items, as well as men’s items – I’m planning on ordering my finace some of the men’s tee shirts…. he has a tee shirt addiction too.  I highly recommend starting your own tee shirt addiction with Everlane tee shirts.

The Women’s V Muted Black Main Image

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At SevenThirtyOne, we like to tell you about the stuff we like, but no one pays us to tell you these things. xo.

Save Hamilton!

Here is something near and dear to me……  The Hamilton Wood Type Museum.  Located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan,  most people don’t know this place exists, but I assure you even the non typography/printing geek will marvel at this collection of history and art.  Sadly, in recent days, the owners of the old Hamilton building that houses this amazing museum, with 1.5 million pieces of wood type – as well as a huge functional workshop, has told them they have 90 days to vacate.   This working museum sees thousands of visitors each year, come through to see how wood type was/is made…..  as well, classes and workshops that host students from around the world, are held here.   The task of moving will not be small and an estimated $250,000 will be needed to pack and relocate.   With generous donors having pledged $65,000 already, there is still a long way to go.  This amazing piece of American history must be preserved!  Please consider!  Save the wood type!  Contributions may be made online here.

How to rock your Lululemon vinyasa scarf

(as requested by jess)

Step 1.    Purchase overpriced vinyasa scarf from Lululemon.  (Seriously, I love Lululemon, but they are pricey, and we could probably make this ourselves.  Truth:  we never actually make things when we say, “we could make that ourselves!”)

Step 2.    Ok. So this scarf is seriously huge, and I honestly was just winging it the first time I put it on and it looked pretty good!  It’s basically a really big “infinity scarf” (which seems to be the big thing this year, I guess – google it and see what I mean – everyone is selling them) with snaps.  What I did was drape it around my neck, snaps done and toward the bottom and off to the side a little.

Then I just wrangled it up into a second loop and popped it over my head.  Which would be pretty easy with a regular scarf that isn’t the size of a blanket.  This one is the size of a blanket, so it takes some playing around with.  I also unsnapped a snap or two to make it lay more flat and wide at the bottom.  I think it looks the best this way.
You could also unsnap all snaps and wear it as a regular style scarf.   I feel meh about this.  It’s kinda boring.  This scarf is cooler than that.
You could as well wear it as a scarf/hood combo.  I don’t like it like this all that much either.  I feel like I look biblical?  Or just plain ridiculous.   But if you were somewhere cold without a hat, it would be a good option.
Step 3.    Go about your grocery shopping and Target wandering looking damn fabulous!
Side note:  If this isn’t working for you, I guess you have a new really expensive and fancy blanket….. or you could use it for this.  Because it is huge.  HUGE.

Birkenstocks. Yes.

Believe what I say to be true.  Birkenstocks are making a comeback.  I really believe this.  In fact, I believe it so much, I am all set to back this up and head out to purchase my very own pair.  Lies, you say?  I give you my evidence –  as shot by street style photographers Tommy Ton and Mister Mort.  Additionally, if these two pieces are not compelling enough, here is a little something of a prediction by the lovely Garance Dore.  You guys, if she’s pulling them off, we all can.  SO!  Who’s with me?  Anyone?