Get Your Veggie On

Healthy McHealthersons are always telling you to “listen to your body”, it will tell you what it needs. Good advice! But what about those days (weeks?) when your body is like “no! Listen to me! A bag of Milanos and a whole pizza is a perfectly reasonable dinner! And then feel free to mindlessly chow a whole bag of Sriracha flavored potato chips, and then you should probably eat an ice cream sandwich just to balance that out. I am YOUR BODY! You will listen to me!!”

This happens to me easily once a month. And also all winter.

Sometimes, though, something wonderful happens- I get sick of feeling salty and sticky, and a broken, weak little voice inside whispers, feebily, “…..vegetables!!! eat a vegetable!!!” and slowly, if I listen closely, it gets louder and soon I am totally on team veggie. I have a few go-to recipes* for when I need a serious veggie intervention. An interveggton, if you will. Continue reading

21 Day Challenge- Do SOMETHING

Hey 731’ers!

I’m not gonna lie: I am in a serious fitness funk this year, and my available pants wardrobe has reduced significantly as a result. I mean really, why is it frowned upon to wear sweatpants to work?? Uuugh. Anyway, did you read Pamela’s yoga post the other day? Not only is she totally bad ass, all doing crow up on a rock and shit, but she points out one super simple behavior modification trick that we all KNOW but then pretend not to know until we’re ready to hear it: just make one small change and do it for 21 days, and see if it sticks. BOOM. Challenge! Accepted!

Consulting with the 731 team, seems like most of us are interested in taking on the challenge, if not for better fitting pants, then in the name of… science? Cookies? We’d love it if you would join us! Don’t be scared. To prevent us from over-complicating ourselves into giving up altogether, this is not a full fitness/diet 180. Here are the rules:

Keep it simple! Pick something you can do consistently without too much trouble for 30 minutes a day, every day. It doesn’t have to be the same something every day. Want to run some days, lift weights some days, and do yoga other days? Or have a crazy travel day planned where you might only be able to squeeze in a few walk breaks? Cool.

30 minutes EVERY DAY. You can do more, but you shouldn’t do less (though some is better than none. Feel me?) Also doing 2 hours doesn’t bank you for 4 days. Sorry. So really, pick something you like and that won’t make you crazy.

Ok, you get ONE bonus square. Fine, fine. Even bingo gives you a free square in the middle. If you have a day that’s absolutely crazy or you have the stomach flu or raccoons have taken over your house, fine. ONE.

Remember it’s a CHALLENGE. Obviously I realize that 21 days starting today carries us right through the holidays, and that will make this hard. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be challenging, now would it? This is an exercise (literal, figurative) in setting side aside time to take care of yourself, and if you can make it through THE SEASON, you’ll carry on right through the drudgery of winter. Also, this body of ours is the only one we’ve got, and I plan to live to 157.

Here are some of our goals:

Jess: “Inspired by Pamela, I’m going to shoot for a minimum of 30 minutes of yoga every day using Yogaglo. I feel like this is doable because I don’t have to put on shoes or brush my teeth. I also have secret goals of trying to run more and use my Nike Training Club app and start kick-box classes, but at MINIMUM, I need to do yoga every day. Every. Day.”

Lyn Marie is shooting for straight up 21 days of yoga in hopes she can mend the relationship with her favorite jeans.

Pamela is also going for 21 days in a row of yoga, because she is a champion.

Haks is pretty active already, teaching 1082 dance classes every week, but she is going to add 30 minutes of yoga to fill in the days she doesn’t see a dance studio.

Noelle: “My plan is to incorporate more non-running activities. I already run 4-5 days a week, but don’t do much else (except dance). So I plan to work in some strength/conditioning (via Nike Training Club which is my new favorite app – thanks Jess) and try to do at least one day a week of yoga. Hopefully this will make me more consistent with my exercise, I tend to have some days where I work out a lot and some where I just sit on my butt. This way I can minimize super lazy days!”

Corianne is going to dance dance dance and test out the true “unlimited” nature of the yoga class pass she just bought.

Tell us in the comments if you’re with us- we hope you are!!- and tell us your plan! We will be checking in on Mondays to see where we’re at.

How my 15 minute workout took an hour

It’s so pretty while it tries to kill you

Is it a thing now to have December resolutions? I’m coming off a year of laziness which hit it’s peak after suffering a foot injury earlier this fall, which led me to just eating carbs and wine and ice cream and resigning myself to a life of fattitude and buying larger pants. But! After my sports medicine doctor told me that I would not die anymore if I started working out (running even!?), I shook of the rust and decided that yes! I will reclaim my fitness! Right after tonight’s pizza dinner because let’s be real American Horror Story is on. Continue reading

Kung Flu

Despite my best efforts, it was bound to happen: I finally got hit by a mid-afternoon flu. One minute I’m thinking about going for a run, the next I realize I’m hella achey, my lungs are filled with razor blades, and I have a serious case of the Katy Perrys*. Don’t worry though- I think that, as far as flus go, it’s a pretty mild one and I will totally kick it’s ass, especially since FX had a pretty fantastic lineup today to guide my healing. Continue reading

I will not get sick! (and so can you!)

I am not sick. Not today. I tend to have a pretty robust immune system, but I work with people. And people be dirty. And what is up with people who come to work sick?? Are YOU sick? GO HOME. You have sick hours. GO.

I am not sick today but I feel like sick is peering at me, with one intrigued eyebrow raised, from around the corner. Is my chest feeling congested? Throat, are you thinking about being sore? Is that a little ache I feel in my neck? Headache, no one invited you.

Everyone has their personal tried-and-true illness remedies, but mine are the best*:

Thieves Spray by Young Living

Apparently, during the plague, thieves would cover themselves in lemons and rosemary and cinnamon and were able to loot the houses of the ill without contracting the plague themselves. Who am I to argue with plague survivors?! I like to spritz this in my scarf or on the inside of my shirt on the daily- it’s a good scent for fall, all potpourri-like and shit, very festive. I also keep some in my office to spray at sick co-workers like I’m warding off vampires with holy water. People commenting on Amazon apparently like to spray it right in their throats! I have been too chicken to try this-it’s kind of spicy!- but I wonder if it would dress up some rum? This is also the. best. bathroom deodorizer ever. Ten dollars well spent.


I also keep this in my desk to throw over my cube walls at co-workers. Seriously, they are ALWAYS SICK. I like the super orange flavor because it is a) orange and b) super. Also it’s way cheap at Trader Joe’s.

Chinese Take-out

Are you supposed to feed a cold? Because I do. Here’s where I should put in some science about the immune-boosting powers of garlic or how ginger reduces nausea and inflammation. So there you go. But really, I crave nasty cheap Chinese take-out when I’m illin’. Greasy, carb-tastic, and never-ending lo mein, pot-stickers, and wonton soup. I almost always feel better after, or at least fall into a deep food coma and that distracts me from being sick.

Crap TV

Who am I kidding- I like crap TV any day! But when you’re sick, you don’t want to bog down your system with TV that is news, or learning, or things that are going to stress you out. RELAX. There is always an ANTM marathon on, or some other crap show that you hate-watch because deep down it makes you feel better about yourself. Give in. Embrace it. You’re sick! It’s medicinal.

What are your go-to remedies? I’m also a fan of tea, or cake, or sterilizing my insides with wine. That works, right?

*Jess is not a doctor and has 3/4 of a bottle of wine to get to.