I Got Publicly Threaded at the Mall. No, Really.

Eyebrows are important. Many of us, through waxing, plucking, shading, tinting, etc., spend a lot of time and cash on our brows. And this is for good reason. Eyebrows define a lot about you. No eyebrows = Satanic freak. When it came time to costume the evil one in The Passion of the Christ did they go for tail and horns? Did they go for gargoyle features and scaled skin? Heck no! They took a lovely woman and removed her eyebrows. And dang if that wasn’t enough!


Satan has no eyebrows!
Screen capture. © 2004 Icon Distribution, Inc. Credit: © 2004 Icon Distribution / Courtesy Pyxurz.

There’s even an entire website devoted to freaking you out by digitally removing celebrities’ eyebrows.  That is some freaky stuff right there (except Imogen Heap who basically looks the same). So we can all agree that it’s super important to have eyebrows.

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Favorite Songs of 2012: Dance My Pain Away, Wye Oak

I saw Wye Oak at Lollapallooza in 2011. They were the first band of the day and were plagued with equipment problems. It was heartbreaking. With the small, but enthusiastic crowd urging them on, they pushed through (sans pedal effects) with a heartfelt and winning set.  I, obsessively, see live music  for exactly these moments. I live for that connection.

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