In search of the perfect tee shirt.

We’re all looking, right?  Is it too much to ask for a basic, soft 100% cotton tee shirt that has a flattering cut and is made of quality fabric – but won’t cost me $80 dollars?  You know, one that washes up nice and the seams lay nice and flat and don’t get all puckered up?  That doesn’t get all weird and pilled and faded?  Well my friends, allow me to introduce you to Everlane.  A members only site (you register an account to shop) that delivers designer quality at a reasonable price.  They bypass the usual mark up process by offering their items, which they design themselves (no outsourcing), from their website only (no retail stores, no retail partners).  You guys, these tee shirts are $15!!  And they are great…..  I have a tee shirt addiction, so you should believe me when I say this.  I own two and am already set to order more.  They have other nice basic items, as well as men’s items – I’m planning on ordering my finace some of the men’s tee shirts…. he has a tee shirt addiction too.  I highly recommend starting your own tee shirt addiction with Everlane tee shirts.

The Women’s V Muted Black Main Image

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Coming Clean – Product Review

I don’t often go out of my way to sing the praises of any product. If you ask me what I use or what I like and don’t like, I’ll tell you, but that’s about it. But I felt inspired to write about The Soap Opera’s Organic Spa Facial Wash with Shea Butter and Apple because it is the perfect product for someone as lazy as me. They say to never go to bed with your make up, but whoever made up that rule doesn’t know how difficult it can be to remove all the mortar and paint we put on our faces.

Naturally, if I’m going out I’m going to wear more make up to look more glamorous. Those are the very nights you get home late and have no interest in going through some 5-step beauty regimen no matter how many beauty magazines and cosmetics counter clerks tell you to. My go-to for many years has been Pond’s Cold Cream, which I still love by the way. What I love about cold cream is that you use one product for your face and eye make-up. One product with two steps: put it on and take it back off. Brilliant. But cold cream can also leave my face feeling pretty greasy. And if I need to use another product to clean off the cold cream….well that’s just too many steps for a lazy, exhausted or drunk at 3 a.m. person such as myself.

But then I recently stumbled across this gem at The Soap Opera.

2013-01-10 23.11.07

Best lazy person cleanser ever

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Lyn and I Are Going to Run Tomorrow.

I’ve convinced her that, as part of my rehab, we need to be shooting for the Shamrock Shuffle 5k. It is in 9 weeks. The last time we ran without training I ended up with a stress fracture and Lyn almost stole a banana out of a stranger’s hand. We have agreed to run tomorrow. We have not been very good at keeping to our agreements. Here is how I will ensure this run will happen:

  • eat carbs for dinner (best husband ever is picking up noodles as I type!)
  • sleep in running tights? sleep in running tights.
  • lay out other clothes. decide I hate all clothes. lay out other clothes.
  • make sure shoes are in car (they are. wait, are they? yes.)
  • make sure I know where I’m going to put my hair (bandana? hat? headband? buff?)
  • check 1000 times to see how cold it’s going to be at 7am (current prediction: clear and 20)
  • find gloves
  • find fleece
  • 20?? it’s going to be a cold morning
  • set 2 alarms
  • tell cats to not decide to be extra adorable and snuggly at 6:30am (they will not listen. jerks)
  • set playlist
  • remember that I’m still rehabbing- we’ll only do 2 miles. That’s not terrible.
  • focus on the reward. (JUICE!!!)

Hold us to it, internet!!

Glitter Nails – Pinterest Don’t Lie

So, you may have figured out that I’ve become a little bit obsessed with my fingernails recently. I haven’t been trying to get them to grow, or file them into the perfect shape, or even really keep them healthy for that matter. I am obsessed with making them look flashy.

There was a rather unfortunate experiment with trying to teach myself nail art. I keep practicing, but you won’t see any pictures here because then you would know I haven’t improved. At all. But there is something I can do for flashy nails that’s relatively fail-proof: Glitter Nails!

2013-01-01 01.27.45

Glitter nails for New Year’s Eve. Love.

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Favorite Songs of 2012: Home Again, Michael Kiwanuka

I really thought this song would be huge. I had this song (whole album really) on repeat during winter 2012. Michael Kiwanuka is a UK artist (and Mercury Prize nominee) so I figured the song would build in Europe and by fall it would be featured in a million movie trailers in the States. When I saw the video on MTV while visiting my friend in Copenhagen, I was sure my prediction was coming true.

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Favorite Songs of 2012: Words in the Fire, Patrick Watson

I missed this album for much of the year. Thankfully, my friend Lindsay made me give it a listen while I was reviewing albums for this list. Adventures in Your Own Backyard became one of my favorites of the year–even though it makes me cry almost every time I listen to it. Especially this song.

I’m super bummed I missed him on tour–although–my certain sobbing might’ve been a distraction for the other concertgoers! 😉

21 Days of Fitmas: The Results!

3 weeks ago, the 731 team tried an experiment in adding fitness to our daily lives. To make it extra hard on ourselves, we did it over the holidays, because WE ARE INSANE. I’m not sure any of us actually completed 21 consecutive days, but overall, we are all thinking more about how we can add fitness into our lives more regularly, and I think we are all unanimous in that it was overall a GOOD THING. Let’s see how we stacked up: Continue reading