Let’s Get Ready to RUMble!!!

kraken vs captainSource: jess

Some things are hard for me to resist: namely, B-movies about sea monsters, and theme parties to celebrate B-movies about sea monsters. A few years back, riding on the success of Megashark vs. Giant Octopus, the SyFy channel and the Asylum put out what they hoped to be the next big B-blockbuster: Sharktopus. Obviously, I was giddy with delight, and promptly planned a viewing party. I mean, this movie had an amazing theme song, so clearly it was going to be epic, right? It was actually so bad that I fell asleep, BUT! That didn’t stop us from throwing a mean party, complete with sharkomelon:


What kind of cocktail goes with sharktopuseseses? Rum cocktails, of course! The first choice in beverage for the finest of pirates and swashbucklers, but not just any rum would do. I picked one out based purely on it’s label, just like I pick out my wine. Enchanting us even further with it’s quirky marketing, the Kraken found it’s way into our home, and soon, into our livers hearts.

Years later, we still keep Kraken on hand, but wait! Seems there is a competitor afoot:

2012-12-07 18.53.52Source: jess
I see you, sneaky captain, with your similar lithograph label. The Captain has challenged us to a duel, and we couldn’t leave well enough alone, so we invited the sea creeper into our home for a comparison.

How Do They Compare?

Obviously, both are black spiced rum. The Captain claims to be “double charred”, which came through as a “tastes like burning decorative wood chips” flavor. Both are in the same price point- often only within about 50 cents of each other (750ml for both is usually around $20). The Captain edges out the Kraken in alcohol content at 47.3%. The Kraken is 47%, so this just makes us feel like the Captain is one-upping. So really, the choice comes down to taste. Here is what we thought:

So there you have it- the winner, hands down, is the Kraken. If you find yourself with a bottle of the Captain instead, don’t feel bad- it’s perfectly serviceable in a rum and coke. For a great Kraken cocktail, I recommend a classic “dark and stormy” application, mixed with a really spicy ginger beer, fresh lime, and if you’re really feeling fancy, a dash of bitters. Cheers!

ps- the Captain also has a secret:

IMG_3632Source: jess

What are you drinking? Did you love Sharknado? Tell us in the comments below!