Favorite Songs of 2014: Tied Up, Tied Down, Teen and Cut Your Teeth, Kyla La Grange

I love it when friends recommend tracks–and both of these numbers were brought to me by trusted music sources–my friend, Troy and my sister, Holly.

The first song was a gift from Holly, although she has no recollection of sharing it. *sigh*

I knew nothing about Teen when I first heard this song. Searching for information on them (and the song) proved to be a NSFW experience. But I have since learned that this all-girl band is made up of sisters, Teeny, Katherine and Lizzie Lieberson and Boshra AlSaadi. I’m crazy for sister bands! I was surprised to learn they are signed on Carpark Records–along with my favorites, Beach House and this year’s list maker, Cloud Nothings–because I still haven’t heard much about them and they are so great! Here’s to a big 2015 for Teen!

The next song was sent to me from my friend, Troy. Troy convinced me to switch to the Rdio streaming service because it was a better interface and easier to share music with friends than Spotify or other services. (I need to do a post about the streaming services someday–but spoiler alert–Rdio is fantastic!) Troy has been my go-to for Euro-pop for years and he uncovers lots of cool tracks I would’ve otherwise missed. Including this one. I feel like, of the songs on my 2014 list, this one has the most potential of hitting it big in 2015. So enjoy it now while it’s yours.


Get Your Veggie On

Healthy McHealthersons are always telling you to “listen to your body”, it will tell you what it needs. Good advice! But what about those days (weeks?) when your body is like “no! Listen to me! A bag of Milanos and a whole pizza is a perfectly reasonable dinner! And then feel free to mindlessly chow a whole bag of Sriracha flavored potato chips, and then you should probably eat an ice cream sandwich just to balance that out. I am YOUR BODY! You will listen to me!!”

This happens to me easily once a month. And also all winter.

Sometimes, though, something wonderful happens- I get sick of feeling salty and sticky, and a broken, weak little voice inside whispers, feebily, “…..vegetables!!! eat a vegetable!!!” and slowly, if I listen closely, it gets louder and soon I am totally on team veggie. I have a few go-to recipes* for when I need a serious veggie intervention. An interveggton, if you will. Continue reading