Favorite Songs of 2014: Studio, Schoolboy Q featuring BJ the Chicago Kid and 2 On, Tinashe featuring Schoolboy Q (NSFW)

Welcome to the Schoolboy Q edition of my favorite songs of the year! I fell for Q when I caught his set at Pitchfork Fest in 2012. Admittedly, I knew nothing about him. I hadn’t even heard Hands On the Wheel. But that’s why I love festivals–you catch artists you might’ve otherwise missed. Q was at Pitchfork again this year–although on a bigger stage much later in the day Continue reading

Favorite Songs of 2014: Waiting Game, Banks and Tremors, SOHN

From now until the end of the year, I’ll be sharing two songs a day that made my list of favorite songs of the year. Conveniently, there were 40 songs that fit on two CDs and 20 days to share them.

To kick off the list–here are two songs that feature work by Christopher Taylor—first as a producer–and then as the artist, SOHN. Continue reading

Godzilla!! As Told By Monsters

(Spoilers ahead! Spoilers also if you live on planet Earth and have ever seen a Godzilla movie/army movie/summer blockbuster basically)


MUTO: What the…?! A whole bunch of miners just fell into my relatively shallow subterranean chamber of dormancy! Lady!! LADY!!! LAAAADDDYYYYYY WAKE UP!! Do you wanna kick it with me to Tokyo?

LADY MUTO: Uuuuuuuugh……….. I’m…. uummm… I need to wash my hair. I’ll meet you when we’re less, you know, pupal?

MUTO: Wurd. Imma go eat some radiation- laters!! *pchew!*

GODZILLA: (awakened, grumpy) YOU GUYS!! SHUT UP!!! SLEEPING ON THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN HERE!! (muttering to self) I’m not really clear on why I hate those guys so much but I really hate those guys!!!


MUTO: *yaaawwwwwwn* OMG I can’t believe I slept for 15 years and meanwhile ate this whole nuclear power plant!! I better motor to find my lady.

Tries to leave, is trapped by steel cables

MUTO: What in the what is… aaahh!! Rude!!

Emits EMP blast, rendering humans useless

MUTO: LOL! Flies away



MUTO: LADY!!! Laaaaaadddddyyyyyyy!!! Where you at? I totes stole a nuclear submarine!! Want half?

LADY MUTO: I’m in Nevada! OMG I ate a whole mountain of nuclear waste!!! Like literally. A MOUNTAIN.

MUTO: Well I was going to fly over to you but clearly you need to walk that shit off. Meet up in San Fran?

LADY MUTO: Sounds good!! I just have a few Cirque du Soleil shows to step on on my way!


Starts swimming to Hawaii…. derp derp derp….

MUTO: Loo loo loo I’ll just put my submarine down in this jungle… hey! Jerk!! Stop shooting at me! That stings!

Emits EMP blast, planes fall from sky

MUTO: Can I even eat a plane? I don’t know how I’d digest it since I only eat radiation but ok *chomp chomp* LOL.

GODZILLA: *swims*

MUTO: Hey what’s going on at this luao? Can I hula with you?? Are you all having a nice vacation??

GODZILLA: *emerges from ocean* What did I say? WHAT. DID. I. SAY??

MUTO: Whatever atom-breath!! More like OUT OF BREATH, amirite?? Let’s brawl!!

GODZILLA: What?? No!! I just swam halfway across the damn Pacific ocean!! *PUNCH!*

MUTO: Ahhh! *WHACK!*

Fight ensues, humans are not pleased

MUTO: Hahahahaha you are too old and fat and I have wings. Laters!! *zing!*


Begrudgingly gets back in ocean
HUMANS: Ok so all of these beasties eat radiation, right? So let’s lure them out into the ocean with this tasty super missile and then totally blow them up! Since they keep knocking out our power let’s just put this missile that will lure them once it’s in the ocean and obviously not before it gets to the ocean on this old timey steam train and wait patiently for it to arrive at the ocean.
LADY MUTO: Hey a delicious missile! *yoink!*
HUMANS: …….oh.
LADY MUTO: Oh snap! My belly is aglow with adorable tiny MUTO eggs! Do you want this missile, babies?? This yummy yummy missile?? Let’s build a nest in Chinatown and then I will buy you a mogwai.
MUTO: Lady!!! I am here in San Fransisco!
GODZILLA: Holy hell, that was a long swim. Lemme just grab on to this nice red bridge to help me get out of the water…
MUTO: Hey Oldzilla!! Need to take a nap?
GODZILLA: You are such a dick!
brawl ensues
LADY MUTO: Hey MUTO! I built a nest and need you to… OH HELL NO THIS GUY?!?
punch! smash! throw! punch!
LADY MUTO: (noticing tiny humans have blown up her nest) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
GODZILLA: Hey MUTO! *tail-slams MUTO dead into a skyscraper*
GODZILLA: That’s RIGHT. *chest thrust*
LADY MUTO: *blink blink!*
GODZILLA: I’m still unclear on my hate reasons so ATOMIC BREATH MURDER AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!
LADY MUTO turns to stone and dies
GODZILLA: I need a nap now LIKE WHOA. *collapses in the middle of the city*
HUMANS: So…. is he a good monster…….? Also is he dead? How… do…. we… uuummm… that’s a big corpse….
GODZILLA: (wakes up, flips off humans) WHO’S FAT NOW, BITCHES!! *moonwalks into ocean, does dougie, swims away*

12 Songs You Should Know

Here are some of my favorite songs so far this year. (I didn’t include Counting Stars because you certainly know it. But seriously–how great is that song?!)

As you will quickly discover, many of these songs are quite…British. BBC Radio One’s Chart Show has been a go-to  source for new music this year.

Additionally, I continue to gravitate toward electronic tunes with an R&B feel, so you’ll find a lot of these tracks on the list. (Lucky for you!)

But you will also find a couple rock tunes–and hopefully–a song or two that will become your favorites, too.

Here we go!

1. Rather Be, Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynn

2. It Won’t Stop, Sevyn Streeter featuring Chris Brown

3.  Cavalier, James Vincent McMorrow

4. I’m Not Part of Me, Cloud Nothings

5. Into the Blue, Kylie Minogue

6. 3Jane, EMA

7. Look Away, Lo-Fang

8. Waiting Game, BANKS

9. Do It Again, Royksopp & Robyn

10. Fall in Love, Barcelona

11. Ready for Your Love, Gorgon City featuring MNEK

12. You’re Not Good Enough, Blood Orange

For my Spotify using friends:

12 Songs You Should Know

My Top 2 Favorite Songs of the Year–and the rest I haven’t posted…

As the year comes to a close, so does my list of favorite songs of the year.

Thanks for reading the posts and checking out the tracks! I love the feedback you give me–and yes–as requested I promise to post music more often in 2014!!

Here are my top two favorite songs of the year along with the songs I didn’t get a chance to post earlier.

1. Open, Rhye

This song was going to be my favorite song of the year the first time I heard it.

There are two videos for this song, the one below and the one that requires you to log into YouTube to verify your age. I recommend you check out both.

Money Line: I’m a fool for that shake in your thighs
I’m a fool for that sound in your sighs
I’m a fool for your barely
I’m a fool for your love

Live?: Yes–and I met Michael Milosh and his wife/muse. Pretty amazing.

2. Retrograde, James Blake


Money Line: I’ll wait, so show me why you’re strong
Ignore everybody else
We’re alone now

3. I Love You, Woodkid

So cinematic and extremely special.

Money Line: In the waves I’ve lost every trace of you.
Where are you?

Live?: No–here’s hoping he tours in 2014.

4. Silent Treatment, The Joy Formidable

Simple and sad. Raw and honest. I’d be really surprised if there was a third Joy Formidable album.

Money Line: You tumble home
Safe inside
Twisted now, but at the time
No fears, a treasured prize

Live?: I’ve seen them twice. Once in support of their first album and then this year for the new one. What  a difference. One of the most awkward and sad experiences I’ve ever had at a concert–watching a relationship that has broken down live out on stage.

5. Dust to Dust, The Civil Wars

Another heartbreaking break-up song. But I find a lot of comfort at the end of this one. While we don’t know what really happened between them–it’s fairly obvious there is ZERO chance we’ll get a third album from The Civil Wars.

Money Line: We’ve been lonely, too long

Live?: No–and sadly–it appears I’ve missed my chance.

6. Clarity, Zedd

I am such a sucker for this song. Oh my goodness.

Money Line?: If you pull, then I’ll push too deep
And I’ll fall right back to you

Live?: Nope.

7. I Won’t Be Long, Beck

Welcome back, Beck!

Money Line: We’re counting down the minutes
From an hourglass full of ice

Live?: Never! I know!